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Are Provided Boats Really The Answer?

By Airwaves writer John Storck In the ongoing debate of how to improve the state of our beloved sport, there is one argument that keeps coming up- provided boats. The argument typically comes from someone who is heavily involved with the keelboat team … [Read More...]


Team Race Midwinters 2015 Notice of Race!

If you are bummed that the V-15 midwinters are dead, or if you never sailed the V-15 midwinters because you don’t have a boat, then come sail the first ever open Team Race hosted by Eckerd College. We are hosting in the hopes of filling in the gap the V-15 … [Read More...]


One-Design Class Profile: Etchells

By Airwaves writer Tyler Colvin If any one-design class has a cult following, it would be the Etchells.  The boat was designed in the mid 1960s by Skip Etchells as a candidate to be the three-man Olympic keelboat.  Despite dominance in the trials, the … [Read More...]


Club Profile: San Diego Yacht Club

By Katelyn Montero If there was ever any doubt about San Diego’s ability to produce world-class sailors, skeptics should look no further than the San Diego Yacht Club. Founded in 1886, SDYC sailors are able to continually refine their skills on the … [Read More...]


One Design Class Profile: 29er

Youth sailing traditionally has been in dinghies designed 60 years ago with very few updates or improvements.  The 29er changed all that when it was introduced in 1998 by acclaimed naval architect Julian Bethwaite.  A high performance skiff aimed at young … [Read More...]


Balancing College with College Sailing

By Airwaves Writer Lydia Whiteford.  We’ve all heard the classic college tagline, “between sleep, studying, and having fun, you can only pick two.” When you are also a college athlete, dedication to your sport is another variable that gets thrown into this … [Read More...]



Final Report (courtesy of US Sailing) MARBLEHEAD, Mass. (September 28, 2014) – The final day of the 2014 U.S. Team Racing Championship ended up being a half day of sailing due to a complete shutdown of the wind. However, the fleet completed enough races to … [Read More...]